Sunday, November 16, 2014

Be Green Say What !
Mahanaz Ebadi
Blog 2

Kieu-Linh Valverde. “Creating Identity, Defining Culture, and Making History from an Art Exhibit: An Unfinished Story: A Tribute to my Mothers’.” Reader

Being green is difficult in general.  However being green in terms of fashion is on a completely different spectrum.   I was challenged to stop purchasing close the traditional route, which in my case would be purchasing it at a name brand store unworn, and appreciating life’s many unknown wonders of the world; a vintage thrift store.  The readings really aided in my challenge. Valverdes take on creating ones identify while it conflicts with defining culture really struck a cord with me. I liked that Valverdes connects with the audience and directly converse about her setting being Davis.   Her background on the war and fashion truly optimizes defining culture via fashion and war.  Looking back and venturing into the time machine that is my closet I’ve come to realize that I never allowed my fashion sense limit me in defining my culture.  My fashion sense actually represented my culture.  I’m Muslim and in my culture a women are advised to cover their body only for the man that they marry.  My whole closet is filled with various sophisticated yet non-revealing outfits.  This challenge was a bit straining due to the fact that I am a shopaholic and I don’t necessary like purchasing things for a second hand store but I took on this challenge and decided to venture into the closet of my friends.  They offered various outfits they no longer needed that fit my fashion sense perfectly while allowing me to continue defining my culture via what I wear. The video I’ve linked also gives a sense of style given the specific season.  And I thought it appropriate due to the fact that we are approaching winter what better ways than to gain a few tips on winter wear.  Thus being given the challenge I took it upon myself to grab a few sweaters I was able to keep from my friends closet and give them a new home.  It’s still second hand but this way I know where its coming from.  I wish I could say this challenge was easy but than again where’s the fun in that. 

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