Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Be Green Challenge: Justin K Truong Blog 1

Hi bloggers,

        As you know this past weekend was Veteran's Day which was a holiday to commence the hard work of former marine, navy, etc. With that being said, there were a lot of sales going on in the mall. When i mean sale there were a lot of clothes being offered at a low price making it hard to resist. As a participant of the "Be Green Challenge" I had to remind myself that there are thing I want and need. So at that point, I basically went window shopping and as I stumble across the things I wanted I would write a put it down on my list so once this fall quarter was over I can immediately purchase the item. One particular store I went into this past weekend was the H&M store which had a big sale. For example, jackets started at $29.99 and above, pants were $19.99, and etc. Although these products are sold at a low price I had to remind myself that it probably came from a sweatshop in China where these garment workers are making like 10 cents an item. One particular film that revealed the inside of sweatshops is "China Blue." The owners would treat their workers like they are machines giving them small breaks and a small pay. This is another reason why I need to be strong towards my urges of buying clothes and shoes. If I continue buying these clothes and shoes I would keep these sweatshops alive and well.
         Later on in the day I was looking at sneakers at Footlocker and all of a sudden it reminded me of the video we watched in class " Nice Kicks." In this film, sneaker heads would camp out for days if not weeks for a unique and limited sneaker that can get sold out in minutes. Yes, it can be a hobby for some people but in my eyes I wouldn't line up for sneakers in the cold to make a profit or have them. The reason being is there has been a high murder rate of those who buy sneakers such as Jordan because of the high value it has in today's economy. Although I wear Jordan, I would buy them I stumble across them at a fair price. Overall, this green challenge is discipling myself not to buy these products and accessories. It helps me become in control of my spendings.

Instead of buying clothes consider this:

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Outside Resource: "China Blue."Micah X. Peled. 2005. DVD.

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