Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Be Green Challenge Week 3: Justin Truong

My current mood for the be green challenge, anxious to buy some new clothing especially since "Black Friday" is around the corner. But I am going to be strong and not buy materialistic things until the Fall Quarter is over. Whether its shopping for clothing or electronics, this tradition for many people has turned into a mayhem every year. The reason being is because I feel that nowadays people are leaving their "Thanksgiving Dinner" and cutting short family time just so they can get their hands on the latest deal. As I got older, the prices of certain items are not very cheap by much. Instead, I feel that more people putting their lives in danger when they camp out. In a way I am glad to say that I will not participate in this years " Black Friday." I would rather save my money and invest in things that are more valuable to me throughout my life such as property or a relaxing vacation. Clothes and electronics "come" and "go" since they change their style or they add new features. I am very grateful to even have multiple pairs of shoes, hats, sweaters, etc already. There is no point of filling up my closet with even more clothes. I plan to stay indoors and sleep in on Friday while i know that others are going to wake up early so that they can save a couple of dollars for a product that they see has value to them. By all means, its all preference for different people.

Below is a link of "Black Friday Walmart Fights"

My thoughts are do people want to encounter this type of behavior which can ruin your day. People are willing to wait in lines for "deals of the year" but they won't do anything positive for their community like help out the poor at a soup plantation. This is something we should all consider, helping those in needs whereas spending time/money at a corporation like Walmart that do not treat their employees. In essence, I wish everyone who is reading this blog to have a safe holiday and remember to spend time with people that really do matter. Save money and invest in something that is good for the environment.
- Justin Truong


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