Sunday, December 2, 2012

All over the world

Racheal Rhee
Blog 4

Inside source: "Fashion as an Institutionalized System" in Fashion-ology

From early on when fashion began to rise, only certain people wore haute or couture which were designed for individual. In modern days, however, there are ready to wear designer wears produced in mass production. Famous fashion designers originating from Paris, Japan inspire other designers in different country. However, a lot of other country still show interest towards famous designers from Japan, and other areas.

From this picture shows modern Korean fashion with the model wearing Yohji Yamamoto's clothing line. In ultimate conclusion, many countries that are industrialized, still tend to adopt and launch famous designers from different areas instead of searching for local designer and artists. 

Outside Source:  Thrift Shopping Boho Chic: How To Match A Runway Style

I saw a video of Sammy Davis, one creative lady who decided to make a website to better the knowledge of people regarding to selling and buying worn clothes in a fashionable way, matching the runway style. 

Her chic Boho style comes from Goodwill store, a thrift store that can be found in local areas. Goodwill store's clothings are donated from local areas to resell for the purpose of providing affordable clothing, reduce consumerism, and to offer jobs to unemployed minorities as workers. It's quite amazing to see how Sammy's creativity can affect many people into shop from thrift stores. 

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