Monday, December 10, 2012

Blog 6

Hue Thao
ASA 141

Today's blog concludes the challenge and the course Asian American Studies 141. During the last day of class, we attended a small field trip to All Things Right and Relevant over at East Davis. The purpose was to teach us to shop at places that doesn't involve all the tragic topics we learned in class such as labor intensive work. There was nothing in particular that I liked at this thrift store so I continued my streak of not consuming items. Although, we can't say everyone succeeded in this challenge because some people, if not most people ended up buying something throughout the challenge. It was difficult because of Black Friday Shopping, but at the very least, I did not fall victim to consumerism. For me, I won't buying anything unless I extremely need it. Most of the stuff I have now is all that I really need. Who cares about having multiple jeans or multiple sweaters and jackets? It really isn't needed. For those who does have multiple items, please be considerate for the lucky opportunity that you guys have. People complain that, they need more jeans, shoes, etc. all the time. However, in reality, they don't need it; they just want it. The one's who truly needs those items are those living on the streets of Africa walking barefoot and having one pair of rags for close. All I am saying is that people needs to stop taking things for granted. Stop complaining how you wore your shoes once and need a new one because you don't want to go out wearing the same shoes twice. Instead, you can donate a pair for those poverty children that are in need of shoes. Other than that, I end this discussion and blog by saying that I don't like blogging. Just kidding. All in all, ASA141 was a fun class as well as educational. But its time to move on and study for those finals so this is all that I am giving to you Professor. My essay is already completed and I will turn it in today, but I would prefer you revise it or look at it one last time so I can really turn it in. I already had tutors check over my papers so there should be less errors as there was last time. Take care and enjoy your Christmas Break. Thanks for everything.

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