Saturday, December 15, 2012

Individual Agency in the Determination of Fashion Culture

Eddie Truong
Blog #5

It's week 5 and I'm starting to cave into pressures to start buying something. I think it was a bit arrogant of me to think that my life wouldn't change that much during the challenge. I was working on a student government elections campaign and I needed to buy ink cartridges to print out the flyers we needed. Instead, I bought ink refills, but I had to spend hours refilling each ink cartridge to be able to print out the number of flyers we needed. It was definitely a challenge to learn how to do ink refills, but it was definitely worth the time considering that I saved hundreds of dollars by attempting to refill the cartridges myself. I'm quite proud of myself for surviving this week.

I also started eyeing some clothes that would have looked really good on me. I had to go into my closet, look for clothes I didn't wear often, and wear different combinations of clothes to see if I could create a new style from them. Unfortunately, I'm not very stylistic so I just stuck to my standard uniform of shorts and a sweater. This reminds me of the way young, Japanese teens work to create their own brand of fashion that is highly revered in Asia (Kawamura 2006). In this way, Japanese teens developed a way of creative mixing and matching of contrasting eclectic styles (Kawamura 2006). I wish I had the talent or the eye for this kind of creative endeavor.

I'm so surprised at the many levels that fashion can enrich the lives of others. I loved watching the video of the Harajuku Fashion Walk since it introduces multiple levels of fashion frameworks that I don't normally see in the United States. I think that one needs to have a certain kind of daring nature in order to push the limits of fashion.

Inside Source 
Kawamura, Yuniya. "Japanese Teens as Producers of Street Fashion". Current Sociology. Volume 54(5): 784-801. September 2006.

Outside Source
Harajuku Fashion Walk #11 - Kawaii Japanese Street Fashion.

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