Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bon Voyage ASA 141

Mai Moua Vang
Blog # 6

This green challenge is over and so is ASA 141.  In the previous blog I wrote about my feelings towards the challenge so in this blog I will write about my overall feelings for the course. Many people do not take the way we dress seriously, but really your clothing sends a message to others about your personality (even if it isn’t true) and people will judge you based on it. Clothing is so powerful and it can turn a country upside down and have people fall onto their knees because countries rely heavily on that industry for money. Clothing is so powerful that sales associate with holidays. Anyone can be a trendsetter regardless of gender, sex, age, race, class, and other ways you identify yourself. Fashion is not always about people dying, it can be a form of social activism and empowerment.

These are some of my thoughts of the course. Although the class has ended, I will continue using my knowledge about the things I learned in class and expand it through research and also my closet. Thank you peers and professor for your thoughts and opinions, they enriched the conversation. I’m a little down that I won’t have you in my class but you’ll be in my thoughts!

Good luck and happy studying!

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