Wednesday, December 5, 2012

More Than Meets The Eye

Steve (Shing) Li Blog #5

Finishing the book "Fashion-ology" and reading the conclusion I can say that it really wrap it all up really well in terms of telling us what fashion is about. How so called "designers" don't play a specific role in creating the garment, instead they are the ones that create the image and also the brand and name for themselves. Designers in mid-nineteenth century did not even have their name publicly know (65). Now designers not only control the fashion industry but are also very famous and have acquire a status that only few can achieve. As a result, fashion really has a lot of more depth than it meets the eye.  Fashion not only deals with clothing and garment but also deals with the social economic status of the social climate, the hierarchy of individuals and there is a power play between who gets to decide the next trend from top - down to bottom - up.

Janine Antoni Loving Care 
“I mopped the floor with my hair…The reason I’m so interested in taking my body to those extreme places is that that’s a place where I learn, where I feel most in my body. I’m really interested in the repetition, the discipline, and what happens to me psychologically when I put my body to that extreme place.”

While I was surfing online I found this very interesting picture of an artist who uses part of her body in order to create a piece of art. In this instance she uses her hair as a mop in order to feel this out of the ordinary experience. Looking a this picture it was very though provoking and it made me think of the different extremes that artist go to in order to satisfy their imagination and how this relates to creating fashion and new pieces of clothing and what inspires them to create that image.

Be Green Challenge Update: So far I have not brought anything after black friday and it has made me realize how much money I'm spending on rent and food and that I need to get a job as soon as possible!

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