Saturday, December 8, 2012

The End of a Beginning - Blog #6


This is such a relevant class in the contemporary world, for it does not just focus on fashion, but also its sociological impact throughout history.  At first, I dismissed this class as something more arty-farty - that is, I thought that it would focus more on designs in fashion rather than what fashion is itself.  As time progressed, I found myself so engaged in this class - perhaps the material was easy to understand because it was so relevant to my immediate surroundings, perhaps the issues that we discuss are so similar to conversation, perhaps I knew I wanted to get within the inner workings of exactly what fashion is and how it can both make crazy nutjobs and mindless worker ants out of people.

Fashion, life, society - three in one.

The Prof claimed that everybody "dressed better" now that our class came to a most unfortunate close.  To be certain, I am more aware of how I dress, now that I have learned both the good and the ugly of fashion.  However, it doesn't mean that I dressed better overall.  Finals are looming, and I've been lounging around in my bed hair and comic-book pajamas all day for the past two days.  However, I claimed that I didn't care if I was a complete mess, I still unconsciously tried to tweak my rumpled sleepwear into something that was somewhat less sore to the eyes.  Hence the concept of "casual chic" continues on.  We all live and breathe fashion - it worms itself into all situations, regardless of whether we know it or not - regardless of whether we want it or not.

So we continue on, and spread our ways of expression.  We try to be different through fashion, but the thing is, so is everyone else.  It got me thinking: is fashion really an attempt at expression after all?  Or does it just merely reflect preference?


This class has also awakened a new love for thrift shopping in me - one can truly find some precious gems, and feel slightly less guilty about feeding the consumerism black hole while doing so.  Okay, maybe it wasn't so much as advocating anti-consumerism as much as OMG THAT SKIRT WAS 50 CENTS WHAT HAS THIS WORLD COME TO, but hey, the benefits still have to be good in order to fully jump into the cause, right?

Goodbye, dear green blog-that-has-a-scary-naked-dude-eating-himself-out-of-existence-wow-I-love-how-deep-it-is.  I will still stare at you from time to time and admire the sparks of passion from the future students that take advantage of the Be Green Challenge, of the class, and of fashion.

Peace out, homes -

Jing Mai

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