Sunday, December 9, 2012

Mean Thrift Queen

Be Green Blog # 6
Kenny Saechao
            I remember the first time I contemplated taking this class. My initial thought was “I have tons of style, this class will be a breeze” but in the end I took this class with Professor Valverde and nothing is ever easy when it comes to her. I was surprised by how much I learned- I never thought too much about sneaker culture nor did I realize there was a relationship between globalization/colonialization and the Philippines.
            This Be Green challenge was very validating in the sense that I’ve never been crazy about materialistic goods so joining a challenge that questions consumerism was nice. I never really denied consumerism for necessarily the same reason as this challenge but the two parallels were nice. I never thought about all the clothes that went unworn because of new products, I just bought old clothes because they were cheaper. Well, the price was nice but it is also for the idea that what I buy at a thrift store cannot be re-bought; what I wear from a thrift store is going to be worn by me only, the likely hood of someone else buying the same thing I’m wearing is so rare- as opposed to Forever 21 clothes.
I never really thought about sweat shop workers, it was always an out of sight, out of mind kind of topic.  I use to sew in high school so I know how tiring it is to sew; no back support (because you lean forward to sew better) for long periods of time can lead to chronic back pains, also the machines themselves overheat and get dangerous if used for too long. It strikes me as so sad how something as a luxury for me is a last resort to pay bills for many sweatshop workers. I’m reevaluating the way I see clothes and even the seam lines in clothes.
I have been known as the mean thrift queen among my friends. I can spot out what I do and do not like in a thrift store pretty quick. I’ve been looking for a color palette that resembles this picture:

It’s 3 pictures all put in one. I thought the color palette was absolutely gorgeous. For the last day of class I got a shirt that I feel really confident about. I look and feel amazing in it- and ultimately isn’t that one of the best things about fashion? I hate the idea of fashion being used to impress other people but damn sometimes people have to feel validated in their beauty one way or another; sometimes that means someone else validating you. I will continue on with my frugal lifestyle- I just can’t pay anymore than ~$10 for a t-shirt, it strikes me as ridiculous. Thanks for this amazing class, it was a little sad when I missed out on Black Friday but reflecting back on it now I don’t know if I will go next year. 

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