Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fashion has come a long way...

Mai Moua Vang
Blog #5

Inside source:
Fashion has come a long way to how it is seen now. During its early days, only haute couture could be worn by exclusives, now there is a ready to wear line that is more affordable to the mass. With the creation of globalization, fashion becomes less central to certain cities like Paris, London, and New York because it transcends nation borders. As a result, fashion designers emerge from other places such as Patricia Bonaldi who is from Brazil. Yohji Yamamoto emerged from Japan and his designs were so unique that he, and other Japanese designers, was considered the founding fathers of avant-garde. This is a significant accomplishment because white Westerners defined fashion for the longest time.

“Fashion as an Institutionalized System” “Conclusion” Fashion-ology.

Outside Source:

In the article from “The Digital Universe”, the author talks about how do-it-yourself clothing is becoming a popular activity compared to shopping. In a housing course I took, the professor showed us a video of people building their own home. The overall message of the video was that families were more happy living in a home where they envisioned it and built it from scratch. Similar to building your own home, there is the sense of satisfaction and joy of making your own clothes. It allows you to be creative and gives you control—something you do not really have at a retail store. What you find at the store is pretty generic so making your own stuff highlights originality and there is a lot of joy from it.   

Rswingler. "Do-it-yourself Fashion Outshines Store-bought Goods." The Digital Universe. Brigham University, 3 Nov. 2011. Web. 02 Dec. 2012. .

Update on the compact challenge:
Finally the challenge is over! Retail therapy! Now that it is over, I can freshen up my wardrobe by buying pair of cat eyeglasses and trying out DIY projects. A lot of my clothing are faded so I’m planning to spend my winter break dyeing and making new pieces from them. If I can successfully make new clothes without much of a struggle, then I will share the ideas with my friends and incorporate the DIY projects into an event for one of my organizations. I am excited just thinking about it! Can’t wait until the quarter to be over! And isn't the tutu adorable!?

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