Saturday, December 1, 2012


            In this week’s reading of “Fashion as an Institutionalized System”, Kawamura explains that hierarchical structure of fashion is democratizing and becoming more fluid within the economy. She goes on to say that luxury goods are becoming easier to obtain. I agree on this because places like outlets and discount clothing stores like Nordstrom rack, Marshalls, etc. are everywhere in America. This says something about capitalist societies like America. Even people who do not earn a high income are able to afford things like seven jeans and Gucci bags designer discount stores. Consumers are too obsessed with luxury items just because they want to be seen as a person with high status. I’m a college student and I go to Nordstrom Rack for their designer’s jeans and shoes, but they have everything ranging from Burberry watches to Gucci shoes. When you go to these stores, you don’t have to feel a sense of intimidation you would get from a Designer boutique. Anyone can have access to the designer’s clothes for a more affordable price from these stores.

            In the article “Off-Price Nordstrom Rack Opens To A Crowd, But Will It Last?”, Janice Podsada talks about how there is an increase in demand for off-price Nordstrom Rack stores and less of a demand for the full line Nordstrom store. Nordstrom Rack offers clothing and merchandise from Nordstrom stores at up to 60 percent off original prices offered specially for Nordstrom Rack at 30 percent to 70% off. Many are intrigued by affordable prices for designer clothes. Nordstrom Rack has been doing so well that they recently updated there checkout methods. Instead of lining up at the cashier, there are now kiosks around the store to check you r merchandise out via iPhone.

I am pleased to announce that the last week of the Be Green Challenge is coming to a conclusion. I have consistently struggled day to day about the basis of my shopping urges and decided that it is due to vanity and an effort in increasing diversity in my wardrobe. I did not buy anything this week besides food and alcohol.

Mable Ng
Blog Post #5

Inside Source:
“Fashion as an Institutionalized System.” Fashion-ology

Outside Source:
PODSADA, JANICE PODSADA. "Off-Price Nordstrom Rack Opens To A Crowd, But Will It Last?" Hartford Courant. Hartford Courant, 26 Apr. 2012. Web. 01 Dec. 2012. .

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