Saturday, December 8, 2012

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Steve (Shing) Li Blog #6 Reflection

$16 Dollar Jacket Thrifting! But I didn't get it. :(

Walking into the first day of class I was very disappointed that my original class with Professor Hamamoto was cancel for the rest of the quarter and anxious that I would not be able to add another class to be a full time student. But looking at the class schedule I was able to find the ASA 141 class in the same time slot and class days as my original class that worked with my schedule!

I wasn't sure what to expect in a Fashion class but after sitting through a few classes of ASA 141 I saw myself surprisingly interested to learn more about the subject of fashion as an idea that is affected by social culture, economic times and identity. I truly enjoyed the class and the discussions that we had in order to see fashion in a different light and become aware of our addiction to consumerism.

In order to kick our colossal habit of consumerism out the door, Professor Valverde challenged the whole class to go  into a cold turkey anti-consumerism diet that prohibited the purchase of anything that was not essential (food, toilette's, etc) for 30 days. Coming into the challenge I did not know what to expect but after watching the film about the L.A Forever 21 workers mistreatment and also learning about the commodity chains and how big corporations are making profit by paying their workers very little oversea, I  was disgusted at the though that my hard earned money was going into encouraging these practices that are unethical and unjust. As a result, I was determined to keep myself away from retail stores and big chain stores.

Understanding fashion will be an ongoing lifetime process for me, but now that I have some understanding of about fashion I see the world around with different lenses. I take a second look at the clothes that individuals wear and appreciate their sense of style and uniqueness. Thus, I have learned a lot about myself, culture, history, and identity in my first Asian American Studies class here at UCDavis and I cant wait to see what other Asian American classes have to offer.

Personal note: I owe Jing $2 incase I forget!

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