Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Final Thoughts

          It is December and the Be Green Challenge is finally over! Having the Be Green Challenge in the month of November was torture because there are so many temptations for me to shop. My housemate’s birthday was in the middle of the month, Thanksgiving was coming up so I wanted to get things to make me look sharp and spiffy, and black Friday and cyber Monday were also in the month of November. I found myself finding excuses to go and shop throughout the whole month, but fortunately November consisted of a lot of laziness as well so I was too lazy to step out of the house.
             I failed this challenge on Black Friday went I found out that stores opened at 12AM in downtown San Francisco. I blame going tipsy shopping because it made me become so easy going about shopping and purchasing. The deals were so good that I couldn't resist. I succumb too to the cheap sales. “50% off Sale prices” at Urban Outfitters just killed my challenge. I didn't re purpose or DIY anything this month so I didn't follow with my initial plans to not spend money.
            I failed this challenge because I succumbed to the temptations of a shop-a-holic. I consistently wanted new things for myself like new clothing or even a new toothbrush. I always found myself making excuses to make a run to target or make an excuse to go to the mall. This challenge helped me realize my weaknesses as a consumer in this capitalist society of America. I am very vulnerable to advertisements and vanity. I think that it was a great idea to have this challenge held in the month of November because it helps me see the intensity of my shopping habits. November is the time of spending and corporate ploys to make consumers buy buy buy so the effects of this project are way more prominent than if it were to be done one any other month (except December).
            This project gave me new perspective on my spending habits and I will use this experience and apply it to the future. I will always be aware of spending and the reasons behind my urges. I think every consumer should do this challenge because it helps puts things into perspective.

Mable Ng
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