Sunday, May 24, 2009

Coming up shorts

As I was going through Kawamura's Fashion-ology for the research paper, I read a statement in the book that had a resounding message, " requires both a certain degree of mobility and fluidity within a society and promotes a more egalitarian..." (24). Thinking about this statement I began to see how true it is in our society. Consider a workplace environment, in my internship, we are allowed to wear casual clothing. In this instant, fashion becomes an equalizing tool. There is no basis of deciding class which I think is the reason there is a lack of a dress code.

As this train of thought continued, I began thinking about shorts considering summer was around the corner. That thought became appropriate short length and how culture effected how low people wear their shorts. I should also note that I am currently adhering to the compact challenge so I'm using the same shorts I've had for a while so there is a wide array of lengths. Some range from above the knee to very far below. I even have a pair of John Stocktons like the ones on the right. I hate to admit it. From what I've acquired from common sense, hip hop seemed to influence wearing longer shorts that passed the knee. Many of the clothing stores that cater a suburban audience aim for knees that are around the middle of the knee cap. In any case, there has always been a debate as to what is an appropriate length. A good forum this was discuss is shown here:

They discuss about how the inseam for shorts when playing sports is 4"-6". This is too short for my preference. So from what I can tell, the appropriate short length is on the wearer's preference. But considering my background with urban clothing, I would perfer to wear a pair that is longer than the knee.

Cyril Torado #4

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