Sunday, May 24, 2009

Reuse Fashion. Like Beer Pong.

On Friday night, I celebrated my friends birthday at her place. We didn't do much, except do the college thing. Yes, the college thing. So, while everyone was having fun, I was watching my friends play beer pong. For those who don't know what that is, it is a drinking game consisting of 10 cups and a few ping pong balls. All you have to do is throw the ping pong ball in one of the 10 cups on the opposite side. For every ping pong ball that is thrown into the cup, one person from the opposite team must drink the beer inside that cup. So, they were just tossing the ping pong ball everywhere, hitting everything except into the cups. As I watch them drink, I realized how they were drinking out of the cups. When one game is over, another game starts, but the cups remain to be reused. So people just keep drinking out of the same cups game after game- one person after another. I was thinking to myself, why don't people think that's nasty? I mean, guys and girls are all drinking from it without hesitation. That's not even the problem, but even people you don't know are drinking out of it. I believe it is because everyone surrounding them are doing the same thing and also because everyone is having fun.

Oh, and have you ever looked into the water cup, where they dip the ping pong ball into after each throw? It is filled with lots of hair, dust, dirt, toe nails, and boogers (just kidding about the last two), but yes, it is pretty nasty.

The point of that story is REUSE. If we are willing to reuse the cup everyone drinks out of, why can't we reuse our own clothes? Yes, fashion might be slightly be out of date. But, it is possible to wear your old clothes with the new, to create your own unique style. We don't have to be the same as others. Being unique is a good thing.

Here is a short video of how this lady reuses old clothing. But she do have more under the same title. So check it out. It is "How to recycle old clothes into new fashion."

Kawamura mentioned about how fashion is being imitated. When new fashion comes out, everyone copies it. But have you ever thought about how they made the new fashion? It can simply be just a minor change. For example, t-shirts were once popular. But then tank tops became a new fashion. Tank tops are just sleeveless t-shirts. New fashion reuses old fashion. Another example are jeans. We can do anything when we were jeans, but they get worn out with holes because we wear it so much. But how about today's fashion? The new fashion of jeans have holes and cuts in it. Because the holes are so popular, it is made into new fashion. See, it is simple. People make it seem like the new fashion is really new, except its just a small change from the old. If designers reuse ideas, we can reuse our clothes. If they are able to make jeans with holes in it a fashion, we too can turn our jeans by making holes in them, and turning it into the new fashion. So, rethink what you can do with your clothes. Maybe you can come out with a very popular fashion that designers haven't yet. And lastsly, reuse.

-Ivan Lee (Blog #4)

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