Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pack Rat Syndrome

So I’ve been extremely busy with family matters recently, which is why I’m only on my second blog right now. But because I’ve been so caught up with helping my grandparent’s out around their house I haven’t been out shopping so much. So I’m doing okay with the compact challenge for now.

From all the time spent at my grandparent’s house I’ve been able to help my grandma clean all of the junk that’s accumulated over the past fifty-three years. And what have I realized from this cleaning extravaganza? I’ve realized just how much I need to consider what, I think, I may want before buying it. I've also realized that my grandparent's may have pack rat syndrome, which I read about online.

I never knew my grandparent’s house had so many storage spaces, but it does and surprisingly enough all of those spaces are filled to the brim. One closet that I went through had a bunch of old battered toys, from when I was a baby; and another closet was filled with clothes, mainly my grandma’s old clothes. As I was going through the closet filled with clothes I started to think about Eillen Chang’s article “A Chronicle of Changing Clothes,” because a lot of the clothes that my grandma wore as a young woman were the same sort of clothes that my Auntie (my grandma’s daughter) wore as a young woman. At that instant I was pretty thankful that my grandma’s old clothes weren’t passed down to me. I know rather than getting rid of all the clothes I might be able to renew some of them into something up to date, but at the same time some of them just can’t be turned into anything but dish rags, and frankly I don’t want to deal with all of the extra work. However, my grandma and I did decide to keep some of her old clothes from China that had been handed down from generations.

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