Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sharing is Caring

With Pilipino Culture Night (PCN) over this weekend, it culminated a year's hard work. But afterwards, I started thinking about how I had all my costumes for this year's performance. I found that I actually still adhered to the compact challenge. The costumes I had were either borrowed or I bought from a thrift store. This was actually a really great cost cutting method in the pursuit of getting ready for PCN. My organizaiton had borrowed several costumes to help ease the burden of cost to our participants. The costumes as pictured above were mainly borrowed. Here's those costumes in action:

While I was reading about dress in the Philippines, I noticed something in the PCN. The reading states, "Western dress reflected the powerful colonizers, and Filipino men by donning Western attire were associating themselves with the powerful colonizers; while the native dress was worn by women, who as disenfrachised citizens, the colonized subject- the bearer and wearer of tradition" (Roces). I noticed that while I was watching PCN there was a scene where this was depicted and the statement didn't make sense until this moment. I actually got to see Roces' point. There was a clear control of power and it was directly connected to their dress.

Cyril Torado #2

Roces, Mira. "Women, Citizenship and the Politics of Dress in Twentieth-Century Philippines" NIAsnytt no.1, 2004.

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