Sunday, May 10, 2009

In appreciation for the world that we live in, the yearly event that takes place would be Earth day. Every year on April 22nd, diverse communities all over the world would come to together and enjoy the education, inspiration, entertainment and the love for our earth. As we move into the future, we can only hope to see a brighter future but incidents like global warming is only disheartening. The only way to have a brighter and happier future is to educate the future children, or as a matter of fact educate every individual about global warming and influence what each individual can do.

In order to prevent global warming, actions such as choosing energy efficient appliances when it is time to buy new ones, cut down on your garbage- buying fewer packaged items, and most importantly planting trees if possible would be aspects to make a better future. The notable saying “going green” would be best used once individuals have accomplished these characteristics.

Strategic strategies to get the population into global warming would be the media, in which television shows such as “Jon and Kate plus Eight” had an episode that showed them “going green” by renovating their house to be more solar efficient and how Kate only feeds organic foods to her children. Celebrities also do activities that would help global warming; Brad Pitt for example had created the adopt a green home campaign to help those in need during the hurricane Katrina victims and Leonardo DiCaprio who has been made multiple movies that dictate how human society affects environments.

In correlation to global warming, the class reader, “Sneaker Freakers” by Hans D.C. demonstrated how our society “…that to be a sneaker collector, one must not only have the correct styles of sneakers, but also the knowledge that comes with it” (reader). The more knowledge one has about shoes, it seems the more money one would use. And the more shoes purchased, the more waste is accumulated in which leads to a high consumerism rate that would affect individuals on the long run. This high consumerism rate than affects global warming, in which that is why we all must minimize our consumption and think about what really does matter to us rather than a mere item that only “is in” for only a limited of time.

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