Sunday, May 17, 2009

Its Not All Glitz and Glamour

As I go onto my 3rd blog and begin to think of consumerism, I wonder in order to consume, do I need to use money? And if I do need to use money, I would have to minimize consuming so that I would have more money in my pocket. The world we live in is caught up in the notion of fame and fortune, in which I think we need to pause for a little bit and think of all the inexpensive things in this world that we take for granted. Such inexpensive things would be simple walks down the park, spending time with family, going to the beach, and just simple things that do not require money to satisfy our personal happiness. These incidents not only are inexpensive but cause a healthier and happier view on the world and its nature. I don’t need clothing; accessories to make myself happy, but just the thought of having a family would be enough for me.

As shown in our research paper, many garment workers produce clothing for consumers. As the demand for clothing increase, there is an even higher demand for the garment workers to produce clothing. For example, poor working conditions, malnutrition, unfair paid wages, etc. are the results of careless practices that occur. What makes this situation even worse is that people are so caught up with glits and glamour, fame and fortune that injustices behind closed doors are occurring to those who work to have food on the table and a roof to live under.

In the class reader, “A crowded street as streetwear is disseminated into the mainstream, what will become of an underground movement?” by Jessica Pallay discusses the underground streetwear. In this reading, we see the problems with underground and the mainstream but stories of sweatshops and garment shops are not taken into consideration. So long as there are “streetwear” epidemic, the horrid sweatshops, etc will always occur. I don’t believe it is out of one’s ignorance that sweatshops occur but I believe that people are aware of sweatshops but it is out of one’s selfishness that commodities that pleases a person is enough. And as long as ones loved ones are not being affected as well. Many people hear stories of sweatshops in the third world countries but not all people are aware that human trafficking, underage children working, poor working conditions etc are occurring.

In the end, I just want to bring out awareness that sweatshops are not conditions that can be left alone. We do not see the stories behind the clothes but the appeal of the brand name.

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Jessica Pallay. “A Crowded Street as Streetwear is Disseminated into the Mainstream, What will Become of an Underground Movement.” Class Reader.

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