Sunday, May 17, 2009

Green Grown and Sexy

Last night when I was surfing around on a newly favorite blog of mine, I came across several other blogs that were pretty interesting and also pertained to this class. One of these blogs is called Green Grown and Sexy, and I think it lives up to its name! The blog covers a myriad of topics relating to fashion, culture and politics – often with references to being greener and more earth friendly. Below are some of the examples of items on the Green Grown and Sexy blog:Old Krylon cans now used as lamps...
Along with biodegradeable sneaker cleaner (who knew?)
And some entries about fur use in fashion.

While not every single blog entry has these references, I found that the blog is really relevant to the issues of today and has a fresh outlook. I think this is partially due to the fact that the blog is written by two relatively young women in their 20s-30s. Even more interesting is that one of the female bloggers is an Asian American named Thuy Nguyen, and I was wondering if her being Asian American could lend some different view points to the world of eco-friendly fashion and culture. In Jennifer Craik’s “Exotic impulses in techniques of fashion,” Craik (1994) discusses that “some western observers have insisted on establishing different codes and meaning systems to account for what are really fashion and decorative systems in non-western cultures.” I think perhaps that Nguyen, with this eco-friendly blog and her Asian American background, has the chance to turn the tables a little bit on this idea, and talk about what SHE thinks is earth-friendly fashion. Another medium for an Asian American to voice her ideas, is, in my opinion, a great opportunity, especially when Asian Americans so often have very little voice in the media.

Christine Vo Blog #4

Craik, Jennifer. "Exotic impulses in techniques of fashion." 1994.

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