Sunday, May 10, 2009

Get Hemped Up!

In a world of stereotypical clothing brands, there are few that stand out. The use of products that are both eco-friendyly and high in quality are sometimes hard to find. Hemp is an all natural plant that can be used to create clothing and shoes among other things. Industrial hemp is classified as a type of cannibis sativa and can be made into a number of fabrics including linen. There are many advantages to hemp fibers, they are "longer, stronger, more absorbent and more mildew-resistant than cotton". Hemp is also considered eco-friendly because it is grown without the use of massive amounts of pesticides, unlike cotton, which 50% of the world's pesticides is sprayed on. There have been an increasing number of companies who use hemp in their clothing such as "The Hempest" and "Hemp Sisters" that sell prodcuts ranging from clothing and shoes to handbags and accessories. This trend is picking up in popularity through more well-known brands making specific styles using hemp, such as Van's shoes.

Hemp has been used for many decades as a useful fiber for traditional gowns such as the Ao Dai. One of the most famous Ao Dai designers Si Hoang is known for their innovation in using paint rather than embroidery because it was so innovative and unique. In the same sense, hemp clothing is picking up in popularity because it is so different yet stylish.

"Ao Dai Revival" by Kieu Linh Caroline Valverde

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