Sunday, May 24, 2009

Green Capitalism

Consumerism has taken many forms. I'd like to think that anti-consumerism can stay that way but it certainly seems like corporations are able to put a twist and exploit anything. Take the eco-chic movement for example. I was watching Zoolander the other day and weas watching the scene where models are dressed up in garbage. The scene itself is pretty hilarious; Blue Steel Has nothing on me. Companies are now using this eco approach as a means to boost profits. Steve Nash on the Phoenix suns now has a contract with Nike and is a head of Nike Trash Talk. The shoe is made from manufacturing waste. No longer is recycling only for hippies and do-gooders;basketball players are getting in on it too. I suppose the closest thing I came to recycled fasion was a shirt made with bottle caps covering the entire outside. I never really wore it; it was awful. It is strange how being eco-friendly has become a means for profits.
Many companies have used this ploy for years. Patagonia for example makes sweaters from recycled bottles as the plastics are weaved and turned into clothing. The question is whether this exploitation of nature and the environment is justified or not. Surely many individuals would be less passionate about the cause, as it simply becomes the thing to do. However, in general, it would increase the overall quality of the environment, thus the ends justify the means.
The eco-chic is an interesting phenomena. Unlike the Kawaii and many other trends, the trend setters are somewhat disguised. They are not mainstream. They are not trending. They are not the majority. Fashion here has its roots outside of actual style; it finds its home in a cause. Eco friendly people are not "teens" or "gatekeepers". Rather they are everyday people who are representing what they feel is important.
It is interesting to compare these trend setters. Are eco friendly individuals actually setting the trends? The importance of environmental preservation probably outweighs the impact an individual makes getting dressed in the morning. The eco-chic fashion industry falls under the cause. Japanese Teen trend setters seem to be the opposite. They decide what is important; they decide what dictates the masses.
As much as being green is trendy, it seems somewhat disappointing to see it marketed and transformed into a commodity. Next time, be green in your own way!!! Below is a link to make your own tote bag with old clothes! I'm still working on mine but try it out!

Make Your Own Tote Bag Here!

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