Sunday, May 31, 2009


WEEK 10! Whats up to all the graduating students this quarter.

Its the last weak of the compact/anticonsumerism challenge and I am at quite an end. I must say that though everything looks very appealing, I am a college student and have little to spend on such luxuries. Most goes to food alcohol or other. I decided however, that I have observed the majority of the challenge without making a frivolous purchase.
In fact, I believe that stepping out and making a conscious decision to challenge consumerism. I have done numerous articles on being green and thus feel I am aware of some ways to make purchases. Living in an apartment, I have to pay to wash and dry my clothes. I thought "why should I pay to dry my clothes when its so hot outside". I took a trip to the hardware store and made a purchase to reduce my impact on the planet. It was both financially satisfying and morally fulfilling.
I did however, still want to buy an actual piece of clothing. We have discussed in the class modern fashion and particular trend setters. Japan, in particular, has had a major impact on how I perceive trendiness and the importance of personal image.
But of course, during my excursion on the internet I stumbled across counterfeit clothing, significantly cheaper than an original. I did however pass them up as I wanted to buy a local piece of clothing.
My search led me back to the SPCA thrift store. After searching through endless shirts I found an obscure and unique shirt that would be a pretty big hit this summer!

Evan Wong
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