Sunday, May 31, 2009

Gimme More!

In today's age, nothing is ever enough. We always want more; more shoes, more clothes, more money, more everything! We have all heard that more is not always better but it does not always resonate when have to have something. The key is minimizing, reducing clutter can be the first step to a simpler and less stressful life. For someone, like myself, who has had a difficult time controlling spending habits and a pack rat by nature, this can be difficult.

When buying clothes for the new season, try to go through your things before you go shopping. If you already have 5 pairs of denim, it may not be necessary to buy another. This alone can save your upwards $300, depending on your taste for designer denim. Going through your closet at least two times a year prevents you from buying things you may already have or that are very similar. The same goes with your kitchen or garage. Another tip is to get rid of items you have not worn for over year; this will increase the amount of closet space.

Similar to fashion, minimalism is constant. In fashion, you cannot simply do it once and then you will become fashionable. For example, you have to keep up with fashion every season or your knowledge becomes irrelevant. In the same sense, you must continue to minimize your spending and clutter to reap the benefits of a simpler life. You cannot only go through you closet once and remove everything you do not need while continuing to buy everything you want when ever you go shopping. Eventually that initial effort to reduce clutter will become irrelevant.

Samantha Ng
Blog #5

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