Friday, May 8, 2009

Food and Clothing and Worms!

How does an In N' Out double double burger sound right now? Or maybe some chicken fried rice? How about Korean barbecue, sushi, curry chicken, or adobo? With a bowl of Caesar salad and some fruits and then finishing off the meal with a sweet dessert? I don't know about you, but my stomach is growling as I'm typing this. I love food. In fact, we all love food. We consume food because we need it and because we like it. We day dream about food almost all the time and especially during class. We would question ourselves "what food do I want to eat?" "where should I go eat?" "After eating, do I want some YoloBerry yogurt for dessert?" But do we ever even think about if we are wasting food or not disposing them properly? No.

As I go back and forth from Oakland to Davis, my friend and I talked about how annoying his roomate is (in a nice way). "He's such an environmentalist freak," says my friend. "Last year, our house was full of fruit flies because of him! He would save up all the egg shells, banana peels, apple cores, and anything organic, then by the end of the week, he feeds his huge tank of worms with it!" So, I'm sitting there like "Whhhhhhattt?" And he replies, "yeah but I complained, and now we don't have anymore flies, but for some reason he still saves all the left over parts of the food." So, I jokingly said, "Maybe he hid the tank of worms somwhere else." And he thought about it and said, "Nah, it's not possible because he lives in the living room. I've been everywhere around the house and there was nothing, except this place behind the door... !^@&#)!!" At the end of the conversation, he admitted that his roomate somewhat changed his perspectives. But the point is that, there are things we can do about consumption and saving the Earth.

In the article Composting Your Organic Kitchen Wastes with Worms by Lori Marsh wrote that "Every home kitchen generates food scraps for disposal" and that it "adds to the volume of waste going to the landfill." Throwing away the kitchen scraps may not seem like a huge thing because it's so "less," but it adds burden to the waste-treatment system and throws away a potentially valuable resource. Therefore, there is an answer. WORMS!! They are able to decompose wastes by converting raw organic wastes through their guts.

Here is a video for more information on decomposing with worms!

Kawamura mentioned that fashion is the value added to clothing that is perceived in people's minds. Also that fashion explains the diversity and changes of styles. And most importantly, fashion enables us to convey an image to others. Yes, we love to be in fashion and we love our clothings- just as much as we love food! Every one of us probably have our own shelf and closet full of clothings neatly hung and folded with a stack of shoe boxes on the floor. But how much do we wear out of all those clothings? Do we just throw them out when the fashion dies out or when the clothings are getting "old?" Well, there is something you can do. There are places like Salvation Army that takes your items and use it for other purposes. You can donate clothes to people in other places that aren't as wealthy as we are. Clothings! We love it and we buy it! But we can also give it to places to reuse it for other purposes other than throwing it away! So just like food, we love it and we consume it! But we can decompose it!

-Ivan Lee (Blog #2)


Marsh, Lori. Composting Your Organic Kitchen Wastes with Worms. Virginia Cooperative Extension: Knowledge for the Common Wealth. November 2003. 8 May, 2009.


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