Sunday, May 3, 2009

Consumerism: The Enemy

When the class had to do a compact challenge that was relating to consumerism and all the better it could do to the world, I thought to myself that this is going to be difficult challenge. I immediately thought of all my belongings at home and began to wonder if I really do need all my clothing, shoes, and accessories.
In the article, “From Long Robes to the Republic” by Beverly Jackson, she demonstrated an infinite amount of Chinese traditional and westernized pieces of clothing called the qi pao.
From the early centuries, clothing was just a mere piece of cloth that only covered an individual, but as the the centuries progressed, clothing became a commodity. In which, individuals all wanted the latest trend that would appeal to oneself and hence the great enemy had arised: consumerism.

As bad as it sounds, I am a part of the economy that plays on the infinite consumerizing that affects me in a positively aspect but affects others negatively. In doing so, I am willing to take on the compact challenge or at least become more aware of the affects of consumerizing and begin to learn what the bad affects consumerizing does.

-Beverley Jackson. “From Long Robes to the Republic.” Class Reader.
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