Sunday, January 10, 2010

Blog #2, Fashion in Class

The way we dress and our fashion tells us a lot about who we are and what kind of group they are part of. Much in today’s world we look at what is on the outside since it is the most apparent and takes little energy to view. It is also a useful survival tool since it is better to overact and look like a racist than fall prey to a bad situation. Take this video for example, the rapper Jin is appearing on BET and he is dressed up in urban ghetto clothing style like many African Americans, however he is Asian and he represents himself as a member of the same culture and class. The dress that has been adopted that once meant a specific ethnic group now correlates to a specific socioeconomic class and a specific cultural background. They adopted it from the previous rap generation which has become a prefabricated culture ready for adoption and entry. So many rap artists are out there and the grand majority all sing the same tune, about the same things with the exact same intent, to make money.

Now I feel like I should address this Compact Challenge that we are going to face during the quarter. Now since I do not really go shopping for fun like most other people. However the things I do buy, and that I sometimes need to buy are or have to be new. Now I live in the East Bay and I buy into some of the prefabricated culture mix that is Hip Hop culture, however for me making a fashion statement cannot be done, for the sheer fact that they do not have my size. Skater clothes, baggy jeans, and a whole mess of fads I have attempted to adopt seems just out of my grasp, when the majority of these styles do not come in the right size, to be baggy for me jeans have to be huge, baggy sweatshirts and clothes for me, would reach +XXXL.

On another note, I have heard that neanderthal man had make up. I am not sure if it is fashion, but it sounds like it to me. To think even our less advanced extinct cousins could have fashion makes the connection of fashion and Society more apparent.

Eric Keng

Entry # 2


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