Sunday, January 24, 2010

Week 4 Blog. Ethnic Minority Dress in Highlands of Vietnam

The ethnic minority groups in the Northern section of Vietnam have been subjugated to discrimination since before colonial times. Usually depicted as barbarians, these groups have historically been seen as the bottom rung of society. While their dialect is somewhat similar to that of the lower regions of Vietnam, their dress is what primarily separates them from the rest. There are historical accounts of these ethnic minorities being executed as they brought tribute to the Vietnamese government. The reason for this is due to their inferior dress as stated by Nguyen king. Jonsson and Taylor have shown that dress is extremely vital in all cultures and nations. As the country as progressed, it has sought new ways in incorporating the entire society including the ethnic minority in the North. The Vietnamese government has adopted approach to propaganda. Propaganda posters, such as the one in this post, more or less attempt to incorporate all groups in Vietnam. Each separate group can be distinguished by the type of dress that they are adorning. It is not a simple celebration of diversity for the sake of it. Instead, it is a means of developing a nationalist mentality by incorporating all groups. By signifying that there are different types of groups through their the dress, the government is in effect celebrating the ability to rally under one flag. In this instance, the dress of a culture is shown to be of great importance.
The Compact challenge is harder than ever. It has been almost four weeks since I have made any sort of purchase. This is especially hard considering that my past time is online shopping. However, I feel that with the extra money in my bank account, I am encouraged more to go out and do things I normally would not have money for. Watching movies, eating out, and going to various places with my friends now pretty much occupies my time.

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