Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fashion: Today you're in, the next day, you're out!

"Fashion put it all on me
Don't you want to see these clothes on me
Fashion put it all on me
I am anyone you want me to be"

In the recent blog, there already a blog been done around this famous song by Lady Gaga. But I believe that we can also look more into the song in a different point of view.

The song was written to accomodate along with the movie "Confession of a Shoppaholic," original book written by Sophie Kinsella. The song solely written to define fashion as a irresistable habits which comes with shopping, spending money, staying skinny and eventually looking fashionable. Therefore, the song mainly introduces us to fashion and answering the question of "what is fashion?"

As we listening to the song, we noticed that they mention many designers names as well as French praises. This indicated the high fashion belong and originated from the French as well as the uniqueness of fashion. In the chorus, the line " I am anyone you want me to be" shows that fashion can transform oneself, or better yet, create confidence within oneself. According to Kawamura, fashion always changes accrodingly to season. Economically speaking, they just make us to spend more money. (Kawamura) When people buy clothes, they are buying ideas, are buying the brands, and are buying confidences. They do not care about fashion but rather care about fitting in with the crowd. I feel like most people wanted to be part of the high fashion so they can feel better of themselves and that become part of the burgeous world or upgrading their status.

As for the artist who sing the song Lady Gaga, she is considered as fashionable. Why? People just have not notice that she just wear what she think is most suitable for her and represent herself. Kawamura also mentions about how these fashion also helps defines yourself through clothing on two simple factor. One: If you follow your own fashion (despite if it is good taste or bad taste which does not matter) then you just found yourself. Two: if you are still copying others and follow the typical quota of what people think you should wear, still need learn and to believe in yourself and trust yourself. Live your life and do what you think is good!

So the question is that: should we or should we not follow fashion? Is there really an answer for this question?

Perhaps not. Fashion is a choice and we decide on what to wear. I higly suggest people to stop building that stupid quota on what people should and should not wear. Trust your senses and ultimately, yourself.

There are much more to talk about the song above so let me summarize some point.
Fashionable=Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga= Unique + Celebrity
Celebrity= Idealistic


Fashionable=Unique + Idealistic

Hehehe this is basic algebra guys. Take your time

Tu Le
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Kawamura, Yuniya. Fashion-ology: An Introduction to Fashion Studies. New York: Berg, 2005

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