Sunday, January 24, 2010

The incident in Valverde's piece in which the Vietnamese-Americans protested Nguoi Viet Daily newspaper because they ran an article on Huynh Chau’s art installation is a rather familiar one for me. The familiar feeling lies not in having read the article personally but remembering my parents talk about it. I can’t recall the exact details but I do remember my parents saying something about a newspaper being communist bastards. And although it may be a entirely different event but my dad also curse at a newspaper for running a piece in which the old republic flag is in a toilet, again the comment is that they communist bastards.
Now I think to myself, I pretty much feel the same way. Just as Chau believed firmly that North Vietnam was great, I on the other hand hated North Vietnam. To me there was nothing viler than North Vietnam (clearly evident by me not even acknowledging them to be part of the Vietnam in my memory. Now I must admit that while I do feel that Vietnamese Americans do then to take things overboard when it comes to things where the idea of the old Vietnam is perceived to be under attack.
That being said I can’t help but sympathized with the protesters. Based simply on one thing and that is the flag of South Vietnam. Because I do feel that it is more than just a flag of the old Vietnam, it is the flag of the Vietnamese Americans. And any perceived attack on it will be handled in the most severe manner.

On a lighter note, the compact challenge isnt as terribly hard as i thought it would be. Aside from food and school texts i haven't really had a need to really buy anything, well except for gas. Although i must admit the fact that im on a severely small budget makes it extremely easy to not make any purchases despite the want/need for a coat for Winter. Knowing myself at least this well, i will most likely cave in as soon as my sister asks me to go to the mall with her.
Tuan Nguyen

Valverde, Kieu-Linh Caroline.2008. "Creating Identy, Defining Culture, and Making History from an Art Exhibit:'Unfinished Story: A Tribute to My Mothers'." Crossroads 19:2. Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Northern Illinois University.



kieulinh said...

good. you can still get stuff but it needs to be second hand. as far as your intolerance for the current vietnamese population because they are communists, arm yourself first with information. then make a rash decision on your philosophies and thoughts. oh, and i don't know who you are and what blog # this is so i cannot give you the 3/3 you deserve.

be green 101 said...

professor valverde, this blog belongs to Tuan Nguyen because it is stated at the end of his blog before the citations. It also seems unfair to Tuan that his grades (or anyone's grades) should be affected by their own opinions because afterall those are just opinions and he is entitled to his own rights and freedom of speech. Like you said so yourself before, everyone comes from a different background and has their own philosophies and thoughts on things. These are Tuan's personal thoughts based on his cultural references, so it does not make sense that you cannot give him the 3/3 he deserves. If anything, you should acknowledge his willingness to share and voice his genuine thoughts rather than bashing on them.

caroline said...

correction made. thank you. 3/3

caroline said...

as far as my comment, i happen to respect and am sympathetic to tuan's views. that is why i want all students, including tuan, to get all his information before debating because it may be easy to dismiss him otherwise.