Friday, January 22, 2010

Fashion Evolution

Fashion is something that is always changing. Although, fashion doesn’t change over night, like evolution it evolves slowly from a basic starting point. As portrayed in the readings, Chinese robe transformation started slowly from wide long baggy sleeves to short long fitted sleeves. This indication of transformation of the Chinese robe can be seen through a variety of different influences of the time. Similarly, this reminds me of how Hmong clothing styles are influenced and how they change throughout time, especially Hmong hats.

In the first picture, is a display of the traditional Hmong hat. In the second picture is display of the transformation of the Hmong hat. As you can see, the traditional hat is usually purple with a white and black stripped string around it. The newer version of the Hmong hat is more stylish and is different colors with many different decorations. This change in traditional Hmong hats is symbolic of the changes that Hmong clothing has been more westernized. Usually, traditional hats are made from a long piece of fabric wrapped around the head like a turban but the newer versions of the hat are premade like a cap to easily place on top of the head. Each and every Hmong clan has their own kind of clothing style to represent their clans but due to influences, many of the traditional clothing style are beginning to see changes.
Anancy Thao
Blog #2
Beverley Jackson. “From Long Robes to the Republic.” Class Reader.

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