Sunday, January 24, 2010

Politcal and Social Movements in Fashion

Trend or A Political/Social Movement?

After reading Valverde's article, I was thinking about the Vietnamese in how she was creating clothing for her cause in frustration and speaking of her opinion. Then I pin pointed my thoughts with the United States and their movements, such as the campaigning for Barack Obama people when he was running for president last year. I always felt that people are actually making a trend and making a consumer commodity out of it as many. There's so many questions that I have for this especially with this article and the Vietnamese that have expressed their thoughts for Vietnam especially in U.S.

However, this is something that I cannot judge for myself especially based on individuals beliefs in which they served as their purpose as the right perspectives for others. There's always reasons why individuals and in terms of pride and identity, I do think fashion though creates a sense of empowerment and by accident it becomes a "trend" that everyone catches on. However, in the case of former Tonight Show Host Conan O'Brien recently ousted by NBC, a simple statement such as "I with COCO" makes a good reason to be angry and frustrated with others. In the end, in relation to these movements and the article, they do have similarities as there's a certain demand and voice be heard for individuals, but most important of all, actions have to be made as well to support these expressions.

Andrew Legaspi
Blog #4, Week 4

Valverde, Kieu-Linh Caroline, 2008. "Creating Identity, Defining Culture, and Making History from an Art Exhibit: 'Unfinished Story: A Tribute to My Mothers'." Crossroads 19:2. Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Northen Illinois University.

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