Sunday, January 17, 2010

Double It Up

For most cultures, dress is a symbol of identity and a basic means of communication among people of commonality (Yu, et al 309). Because of globalization, implementation of different ethnic styles has emerged. Asian influence on westerner’s interpretation of traditional ethnic dress into modern fashion will continue. As mentioned in the article by Yu, et al., Chinese style was found to have the strongest influence on modern fashion (314). Celebrities in America have adopted the Chinese “qipao,” and have a frequent presence in modern fashion.

Modern fashion designs have been influenced by Chinese ethnic dress. Modern fashion was not just influenced by the design of the “qipao,” but also by the materials used. Since the beginning of the silk trade between China and Europe, fabrics of exotic floral patterns have become part of a full incorporation of Chinese styles into modern fashion. In Western population culture, as stated by this website, “qipao” became synonymous with the sexual objectification of women. The elegant look have become a source of inspiration for fashion designer and trend starting celebrities like Versace and Ralph Lauren.

In addition, I found the article, “Race and Beauty: A Comparison of Asian and Western Models in Women’s Magazine Advertisements” to be quite interesting. I have never really thought about the implications of Asian and Western models in advertisements. After reading this article, it really makes a lot of sense. Western models are often shown in “seductive dress,” whereas Asian models are frequently in advertisements for hair and skin products (Frith, et al. 53). You rarely see “double-eyelid surgery” advertised in western magazines, but often see them in Asian magazines. The double-eyelid surgery is racially specific, aiming at the Asian consumers.

On to the compact challenge: What is my take on the compact challenge? Screw it. There are too many good sales and the temptation is truly unbearable. I recently started my internship and had to buy some professional attire over the weekend. My closet is packed with jeans and logo t-shirts; I cannot show up at the internship looking like I am applying for a job at Abercrom
bie and Fitch. Shopping for one “required” blouse and slacks at Express turned into shopping for other things. On a good note, I did talk myself out of purchasing a necklace I have been eyeing for months (50% off by the way!). Well, I am attempting to participate in the compact challenge, but at a very SLOW pace.

Maggie Chui
Entry # 3

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