Sunday, January 10, 2010

Compact Challenge...OMG...

"This make one ask whether clothing is ever truly necessary"

When I first heard of the compact challenge, I was shocked. Is this for real? So we have to resist the temptation and joyfulness of shopping...This is difficult. I certainly did not sign up for this.

I must confess that i love to shop. There just something about shopping just make me happy. The joy of owning new clothes, new stuffs, and be able to show off to people in our new designer garments. The project make me remember of what shopaholic i have become.
Me=American Eagle + Abecrombie & Fitch + Amarni Exchange + Macy's + Nordtrom
I remember when i was just still wearing Walmart clothes and now look back into my closet...I do not have enough hangers and I still have 3 extra bags marked as : Spring, Summer, and Fall...

I know i will be struggle during this project. But I will participate in this project not only that I have to but I want to. I just need to find a drive for doing so.

I always sees clothes as Perrot wrote in his articles quoting Maurice Leenhard "' neither cold nor nudity led man to clothe himself, but the desire for what would help him toward self-affirmation and self-realization." I keep thinking that clothing defines who I am. They are serving as a symbol of my style and who i am. I would not consider myself fashionable but i dress to define me! I certainly do not follow fashion. When i shop for clothes, I do not look for current trends but rather the clothes that most appeal to me as I was imagining myself wearing it.

People should owns the clothes and work it girl! Strut that catwalk! Be fierce and own it!
( Just adding some amusment to a boring reading)
Anyways, people should not let the clothes to own themselves. Wear what most comfortable and what YOU THINK is best defines you!

Back to the Compact Challenge:
Tips for success the challenge: (Beside the obvious)
-Window shopping...sigh...along with that, avoid malls at all cost! (especially Westfield in SF and San Jose)
-WATCH "Confession of a Shopaholic" and freeze ( yes literally freeze it in the freezer in an ice cude" your CARDS!
-Put money into Mother's saving (which means give extra money for your mom to keep)
-Make a list of NECESSARY thing to buy ONLY!
-Groceries shopping for weekly period (because you do not want to watse money on unused food)
-If you are singles, find a date to get free dinner :D
-Unplug all the outlet when not in use (especially with electronic items with an adapter)
-Stay home and read your reader, focus in school to avoid going out.
-If your house get too cold...go visit your friend or neighbor :D
-And lastly, utilize all resources possible from school because you already paid way too much for tuition.
Have a nice day (window) shopping!

Tu's out!

Tu Le
Blog #2

Perrot, Philippe. Fashioning the Bourgeosie. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1994. p3-25

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