Sunday, January 17, 2010

Compact Challenge & Post # 3- Modeling of the Dragon Lady

Hello! Yay, its a long weekend, and what did I do this weekend... I WENT SHOPPING! yes yes... compact challenge, I was thinking about that so NO worries! My friend and I found a place up in Roseville called Crossroads Trading Co. Its sort of like a goodwill/thrift store...but they sell really good stuff. HAHA But anyways my friend and I went there and I happened to find a lot of cool things! They even sell Louis Vuitton bags, Chanel, Nike, Jimmy Choos, and all the other name brand things. I didn't find anything that caught my eye, but like I said there were a lot of things in that store that had a lot of value. It was a small store, but they have lots of chains in California, 18 actually. There are two chains close by to Davis, 1 in Roseville, and 1 right next to Arden Fair mall. Crossroads Trading Co.'s can be found in Chicago, Seattle, and Portland.

Race and Beauty.... every ethnicity has its own view/perspective on what beauty truly is. In Frith, Cheng, and Shaw's article, Race and Beauty: A comparison of Asian and Western Models in Women's Magazine Advertisements, they stated that western models have the "rights in relation in to their bodies.." and to "display their bodies in public without fear of retribution or punishment and the right to take pleasure in their bodies. " (pg. 127) After reading this article I thought of how it's true that models that are from Asia are different to the ones here in the west. I'm not saying that there aren't any models in Asia that don't wear/model swimsuits, but i have yet to see an Asian model from Asia model nude unlike those here in the west. As an example, I chose, April (and no...i didnt choose her because she has the same name as me :) ) from America's Next Top Model- Cycle 2. She was one of my favorite contestants for that season. As seen from the picture below we see her NUDE! Not only that, shes portraying a Dragon Lady of all things... can we say stereotype much? But anyways, the theme was the Garden of Eden.... uhhh Garden of Eden? What the hell is a Dragon Lady of all sorts doing in the Garden of Eden?! And one more many more chopsticks can they stick in her head... and what do I see here; its the western world making her "exotic".


I guess I can continue on using Next Top Model... we now have China's Next Top Model ( i didn't even know they had one). Here we have Yin Ge, China's Next Top Model Cycle 1 winner. Can we see the difference here Ladies and Gents?! She still has that Dragon Lady look going on, but shes fully clothed but still has that come hither look that is scary... From what I can see, the Asian Models in the west have a lot more freedom in showing their bodies without having to think about the things that people are going to say about them. If anything people are going to say they are doing their job, and if in need to be nude then they have to. I was looking for pictures of Asian models from Asia that were nude (uhhhhh that makes me sound like a pervert... 0_0) but I couldn't find any... and if I did, they were part of the adult video company. But anyways, I could not find 1 picture of an Asian model fully nude like the ones that we often see here in the West.

Well thats all! Hope all of you had a great 3 day weekend! ( wow...they even have the URL stating that she's exotic... T_T)

Firth, Katherine T., Hong Cheng, and Ping Shaw. "Race and Beauty: A Comparison of Asian and Western Models in Women's Magazine Advertisements." Sex Roles 50 (2004): 127-31. Print

- April Gatpayat - Post 3

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