Sunday, January 17, 2010

Blog #3 Designer's choice

Okay I want to start with this Chinoiserie stuff, and note that in my own personal opinion this type of architecture is ugly. I mean look at this hybrid building, I mean it just doesn’t seem right. I get that sometimes the design is meant for a specific type of people and that other people (specifically me) will not get it or like it. Now we are finally entering week three and well I have certainly learned a lot about this subject we all call “Fashion”, and a little bit on those trend-setting hipsters who start them. However when I saw this image, I could not help but laugh at the ridiculous look of this product.

I found this while searching the blog; to which I was introduced to last quarter. Now if you are famlier with the increadible product known as the Snuggie, let me introduce you to the Reverse-Snuggie, from Japan. It is a sleeping bag with legs, and well the image speaks for itself.

Also, to include something from the readings because I want to be clear, is the subject of designers. Now to bring up the example above, the designer of the legged Sleeping bag certainly had an idea, but will it take off anywhere else other than certain populations in Japan. Personally I would buy it, I mean I do not go camping often, but just owning that thing would make me happy just by showing it off to friends and having a good time making fun of it. But I must add that I do want to try it out and see if it is as comfortable as it looks.

I am one who can appreciate design, I used to be a designer myself though in any big fashion or artistic way in my opinion all I did was design websites. It has been a while, but I still know a thing or two about how a website should look. In any business a designer needs to be known in order for them to succeed, even if it is only a few people who know who you are it is enough to jump start a small business and make some money. The design itself however must not be limited by all that, but be what you and the client think is the best image, it is best to see it as representing the message that you or the client wants to portray.

Eric Keng

Entry # 3


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