Monday, June 2, 2008

blood diamond

So i haven't really had time to go buy anything lately because I've been pretty busy with school and OTHER things i can't mention because they're private. I've had a really down and out week on top of getting yelled at by my mother who says I don't pick up my phone but really i just don't have service and she doesn't leave voicemails so i don't know. But usually she calls me to yell at me anyway so i'm glad i don't have service sometimes. Anyway since I'm doing this project and I didn't have the time, energy, or money (btw my credit card got stolen recently and there were many charges incurred that weren't mine)(*sigh) to go out and figure out what I was going to write, I decided to talk to my mom about a movie we watched awhile ago together. The conversation with my Mom only dampened my day on top of the fact that we have the research paper due tomorrow. I asked her how she felt about the movie Blood Diamond starring Leonardo dicaprio. Now if you've seen it you know that the movie is pretty much a depiction of the atrocities performed upon the locals in Sierra Leone in the 1990's for that very shiny rock on your hand. We can go to De Beers and ask for rock that costs thousands of dollars to grace our hand just so we can feel better about ourselves but now knowing how it actually got to jewelry stores as the end product. This may sound ignorant to you but before i watched that movie I had no idea that this was the process involved in getting that ridiculous status symbol. In the movie a south african by the name of Solomon Vandy searches for his family that he is separated from when he is kidnapped by rebels who force him to pan for diamonds. The synopsis is a bit long so you can look it up online or really take time to watch the movie because its really good. So anyway my mother tells me that she thinks that movie is really tragic. Now the great part is that my mother LOVES and i mean LOOOOOVES diamonds so you can imagine how she responded when I asked her if she would still buy diamonds from questionable sources that don't state they don't purchase conflict diamonds(diamonds that come from places like sierra leone). She of course told me I was being silly and that she would definitely still want diamonds no matter how they were acquired. I think my mother is getting remarried soon so i'm pretty sure she's getting an engagement ring from her douchie fiance (pardon my language) so I asked her if she could request a conflict free diamond from him and she said no because diamonds that come those places usually cost more and she wasn't willing to have him spend a few hundred dollars more for the same size rock or in other words with those few hundred dollars the diamond would be bigger. I asked her "EVEN after seeing that movie and all those violent crimes committed you still don't care??" She explained she couldn't do anything about it anyway so she wasn't about to change her mind. All i have to say is that i'm disappointed at my mother. I don't understand how people could be so insensitive just because it doesn't affect them or that they could deal with it because they gain something out of it. Honestly, its just a rock that's really shiny or as my Dad used to say a piece of carbon that was super pressurized and heated for a gajillion years. That's all people. BTW for those of you that REALLLY reallllly like diamonds but have a conscience, on facebook there is a site called brilliant earth that sells fine jewelry with conflict free diamonds. They also donate 5% of their profits to underdeveloped countries that were ravaged by the diamond industry. I encourage you to watch the movie and feel sympathy for those who aren't as fortunate as we and i pray that one day my mom stops being so selfish.

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