Monday, June 9, 2008

It's Only the Beginning

Thank you everyone for giving the compact experiment the good old college try. It's one thing to read about the woes of society and another to 'walk the walk'. For those who will/have not consumed in 28 days straight, you may find that you don't need to wait by the computer or mall for that 29th day to come just to order or buy something- anything.

The first week was tough, not because I wanted or needed things, but simply because it's hard not to go on automatic mode and just buy. As the weeks moved along, I am reminded once more of how much excess I have already. It makes me slightly ill and in dire need to purge, like King Kong on top of the Empire State building.

Truth be told, I don't think it will be difficult to carry on with this lifestyle. It does help that I have limited resources, and it feels good to save. I wish us all good luck in the future. At the very least, it's gratifying to have all this information and our short (long?) three weeks experience. I plan to continue posting with updates of my progress. Would be great to have your support through this journey. We don't even have to cite any more.

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