Monday, June 9, 2008

The End

No doubt that by taking this class I have learned so much about fashion, clothing, culture, and society. Moreover, by doing our class project, I have come to a further understanding of globalziation and how it affects industries and people all around the world. My understanding of this issue have made me very knowledgeable about the affect of consumers' needs on industries development. But most importantly, I have related myself in practice those ideas, fashion, clothing, culture, and society.
In "Fashion as an Institution System in Fashio-ology", Kawanura believes that fashion is not necessarily clothing but an institutionalized system and a cultural symbol. Fashion is a general social institution that affects and shapes individuals and society as a whole. According to Kawanura, fashion institution only exist in cities where fashion is structurally organized. It involves with economic capital and social capital. So little did i know that fashion does not mean to buy what is "in" for the current season. By understanding this concept, I consider a lot more about the details and not just simply see buying new clothes as my way to express fashion.
The idea of globalization and trans nationalities also amazed me in the way that I have never thought or taught in my past years of education. In "Tracing Trans nationalities Through Commodity Culture", Claire Dwyer talks about how to look at transnational ism through the lens of cultural commonality. to seek to extend the social space beyond the confines of specifically defined ethnic groups.
ASA 189A not only taught me just about fashion, clothing, culture, and society. Beyond that, it showed me more about the detail concepts. By being green and not buying new clothing, I have saved up so much compared to how I used to spend my every pay check. I am proud that I have kept up with this project. I can honestly say that in the future, it will become a habit of mine to be green.

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