Sunday, June 8, 2008


This blog is kind of really late. The reason being is I was up for 4 consecutive days and 3 consecutive nights trying to get all my projects done. As a result the nonsense that everyone was anticipating had to wait just little bit longer. As usual, much of these “all-nighters” is spent doing absolutely nothing productive. I found myself chatting online with whoever was still up in the late hours, watching Kobe jump over cars on YouTube, and window shopping.
Instead of looking at shoes I no longer support, I was looking at jerseys I can’t afford. Jerseys are in many ways similar to shoes in terms of marketing and targeted demographic, and in so many ways different. Jersey commercials do not exist for the fact that there is no need to market them. They are subtly advertised whenever an exhibition game is occurring. Jerseys are also strongly driven by hip-hop as with other clothing (Maira). All the cool “gangsta” rappers are sporting the most popular jerseys in their music videos. Jerseys are just as popular and competitively sought after as shoes among the online fanatics (Hans D.C.).
For some time now I have been after the Dallas Cowboys’ Emmitt Smith 1994 75th Anniversary White Variant Jersey. I stopped checking the online forums and as a result I missed the drop date. The size I am after is sold out and the jersey retails at a ridiculous $300.00 USD. Hard to justify a three hundred dollar jersey but I want it and as soon as this shopping embargo is lifted I will do my best to try and not buy it.

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