Sunday, June 1, 2008

I have made it so far and I have not bought anything. Ok, save for gifts for friend’s baby shower and birthdays. But, really nothing for myself. Anyways, this weekend was the baby shower where after playing several “bottle chugging” and “make a baby” games, I met a young woman who is traveling to Japan over the summer. She has been there a few times and when asked about her past experiences, reflects that Japan is in many ways like US. She said that every time she goes it seems that Japan follows similar trends and moves along the same direction as the West. The same can be seen in Kondo reading, where the article also states that Japan in many ways tries to build a national image based on the West and the modernity we associate with that part of the world.
Why is it that only West is associated with modernity and other nations try to emulate the Western ways in order to come into the global perspective. Western fashion has gone global whereas a lot of Asian fashion is still confined to local regions of that country. However, I think that as Niessen states that fashion should be reoriented to include the Eastern perspective, a new approach must be employed when defining fashion as such constraints of including just the Western side of the world must be removed and redefined.

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