Thursday, June 12, 2008

Missing Post

So, I wrote about "Speaking through Cloth: Teaching Hmong History and Culture Through Textile Art" by Ava L McCall. Here is what I remember of it.

I went over to my friend Houva's recently and saw a pretty nice tapestry hung on his wall. As I was asking him about it, he started to tell me the story panel by panel. It was pretty interesting, and it was particularly ineteresting that our reader had an artile about Hmong textile and history. Because of the lack of a written language before the 1950's, the Hmong culture was pased down through oral tradition. In an effort to preserve history, they began sewing detailed tapetries including life moments to tell a story.

Because of the history behing Hmong immigration, many negative perceptions are forced onto the Hmong people. While looking at this tapestry and many others on the internet, the stories of Hmong lifestyle are inspiring and nothing short of amazing. Each panel tells a story, and the color usage is representative of class status as well as feeling. Intricate patterns are sewn into each panel and the artwork involved is amazing. Attention to detail and style of stitch is greatly worked into every aspect of the tapestry. Because of respect, I can't tell the story behind his tapestry, but it was amazing.

The textile art of the Hmong community has recently received much acclaim. In terms of recording history, the textile art is essential as some of the few surviving primary sources behind the Hmong culture. Furthermore, textile art as an artform has received much acclaim throughout the United States as well as in some parts of the world. These tapestries are essential to preserving Hmong history as well as educating the populous about the Hmong culture.

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