Thursday, June 12, 2008

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I'm glad to be going back to Davis. Although I am going back to the rest of my finals, and yeah...that's not good. At least I get to graduate on Saturday. Hoo-ray for me. It's been a long time in college, and I'm glad to get out of the learning curve for at least a year. Afterwards though, I'm going to be going back to school for a long time.

In getting ready for graduation, I'm going to buy a lot of stuff. 'Nuff Said. I'm going to buy Metal Gear Solid 4 for sure...that I am looking forwrd to. At least I'm kind of over buying new shoes. Anyways, I want to leave this with a poem from David Budbill and his book called Poems of a Mountain Recluse.

What Issa Heard

Two hundred years ago Issa heard the morning birds
singing sutras to this suffering world

I heard them too, this morning, which must mean,

since we will always have a suffering world,
we must also always have a song.

This poem is a pretty good one for me. It's been a really rough week and this kind of made me smile. It shows that I have a lot more suffering to deal with, but there are always things that can chear us up. There are lots of things to look forward to.

In terms of this class, the project was pretty interesting. I don't know if it changed me in any way, but I did eventually see the point of the whole thing, and I can consciously say I thouht about what I bought...or in this case, the lack of what I bought. If anything, I hope that I learn to taper in some of the needless spending that I occasionally do, especially since I am entering the realm of real life. But, real life means real money right? haha. I am interested to see what is to come.

This class was an interesting first try. We had our problems, but it was a chill setting and different opinions were heard. I'm glad that I got to be a part of it and hope that others get to experience a class like this. Not only did I learn about some fashions in haute couture, but I learned to actually attempt to accept the unification efforts in South Korea right now through my research assignment. I'm pretty glad I had to redo the assignment I wanted to do and looked toward cinema to see nationalized movements in the Korea and outside of Korea. I think I learned a good amount.

Best of luck to all, have a good summer, and enjoy the rest of school. I'm done, checked out, and finished. Peace.

-Billy Durham

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