Thursday, June 5, 2008

so green im brown

I can start wearing shoes again now that my toe is almost healed up. Unfortunately almost all my shoes are still in the trunk of my aforementioned broken car which is still parked at the Applebee's parking lot. =( Biking with flip flops is a recipe for disaster so out of desperation to get to class on time this morning I stole my roommates chucks. Maybe it's a stretch to call it theft but I definitely did not ask him. hope he doesn't have athletes foot. oh well. I don't try to eavesdrop but I find it ironic how while I'm blogging about sharing shoes the ladies tabling for the Imani Clinic next to me are talking about the lack of self control they have when it comes to buying handbags and shoes. The statement that stuck out most was something like this, "Who needs rent, i just want those shoes!" Our society is so enveloped by consumer culture that the ability to weigh priorities have left some of us. I hope she buys some really big shoes.

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