Sunday, June 1, 2008

Can't give up Forever 21 =^( # 4

Ok so I know that this class is supposed to raise an awareness against consumerism. However, I LOVE forever 21. Their clothes are cheaper than department stores and quite trendy too. When i get paid, i like to buy a new outfit every week (hadnt been doing that much lately though even before this project, which made it easier for me to go along with this project). Forever 21 is affordable so that i can afford to buy a new outfit every week. I know that im choosing to ignore everything we've learned about forever 21 in the Forever in Trouble" article by Byun, but hey, I'm a college student who likes to TRY and look good lol. So as soon as this project is over, on the 29th day, im going to Forever 21! ...SORRY!! ..its like an addiction though...and im going clubbing to celebrate the end of finals and the beginning of summer...gotta look good!!!!!

My boyfriend had his first day off in 2 weeks this saturday. He only gets one saturday every two weeks off and i wanted to buy him something. HOwever, i had to stop myself and even started to explain to him why i didnt go into forever 21 to buy anything. He had a shocked look on his face "Like yea right, you won't actually keep up with that crap" ... i told him about the information in the "Santa's Sweatshop" by Palmer (such as people get paid so little for the labor) and that it was one of the major reasons why we were trying to be green for 28 days. He said that he was proud of me...but then looked at me funny when i told him that i was going back to buy something on the 29th day. MAN im starting to feel guilty again!

Till next time....

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kieulinh said...

dashi, as i was standing with my fashionista girlfriend in line for the "sex in the city movie," i noticed her very cute and expensive looking pair of jeans. i asked about them and to my surprised, she said it's not the $200+ price she's use to buying but rather only $35 at F21. I sighed and complimented her on her very designer looking denim. The biatch then said, "You should see the other three pair of F21 jeans I got. They look even better." I got on my soap box and preached the evils of F21. She scoffed and called me a hippie. I cried inside but one thought kept up my spirits. I don't NEED more of anything, least of all jeans. And if in need, I can get them used. Be strong my sistah. Don't let the haters (and sad SAD consumers) bring you down.