Sunday, June 1, 2008

Eating Green

In an attempt to be more green, I tried to research green recipes. My results - nothing I really liked. BUT this research reminded me of an episode of Colbert Report when he was making fun of Rachel Ray. Apparently, Rachel Ray did a commercial for Dunkin' Donuts where she was wearing a scarf that closely resembles a keffiyeh. I remember Colbert talking and criticizing Rachel Ray about that fashion choice. Prior to talking this class, I would have no idea what Colbert was talking about and would believe it was colbert just being himself, But this class have taught me about the political statements clothing makes. Rachel Ray might have chosen the scarf because she had no idea that the pattern on her scarf closely resembles the keffiyeh OR she might have known about it and didn't care. As Hoodfar presented in her article about veiling, sometimes clothing should not been seen one-sided. There is always reasons why one would choose to pick a certain outfit or clothing practice. Maybe for Rachel Ray, her environment or her stylist forced her to do so.

On a lighted note, I watched "Sexy and the City" on Friday and I highly encourage everyone to go watch it. Yes it is a chick-flick but it's a good one, especially if you've watch the episodes. In one scene of the movie, Carrie wears a beautiful Vivienne Westwood wedding dress. When I went to Vivienne Westwood's website, I was shocked to see how expensive her line was! Close to $200 for a black T with a seriously Rated R design on it. After a moment a shock, I was thought to myself, I wonder when people would copy her wedding dress design and sell it for much cheaper. sexy and the city gave that dress so much publicity that people are probably dieing to get their hands on it, but not everyone could afford it. Publicity plays such a big part to the promotion of clothing that fashion designs are waiting for magazines to publish something about them (Kawamura, 79). Well this dress certainly got a lot of publicity because it had a full page spread in Vogue, but is the dress really worth that price? For those who have not seem the movie, the dress could be summarized in two words "Cream Puff".

The moral of the movie: it's not about what you wear, it's about the underlying message.

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