Monday, June 9, 2008


I was looking through my roomates fashion magazine and i noticed that damnn there aren't really any asian women in it. What is up with that? Now that makes me a little pissed that asian women aren't really represented because i deal with that a lot in my line of career. It's been a known fact asian women aren't well represented in the media and no lucy liu does not represent 100 million asians worldwide. I looked through some other magazines and asian women are really shown as delicate china dolls or fierce "dragon ladies" as discussed in "Images of Asian/American Women in Multicultural Advertising" and "Race and Beauty: a Comparison of Asian and Western Models in Women's Magazine Advertisements". Caucasians really like depicting us at the two opposite ends of the spectrum. We're either seen as really submissive or as dominatrixes which is ridiculous because most asian women in america are nothing like that.
SO i think i have not done a complete 180 in my life in consumer practices just because I'm really broke so I haven't been able to fully see if i can hang when it comes to shopping with a conscience, but i WILL say that what I have been doing lately has been wayyyyy more globally friendly and I'm pretty happy with myself. Its definitely a far cry from when I just really appreciate the prices of things and just splurge because I can and my mom would appreciate me saving money. Now i know that me saving something comes at the price of costing someone else their rights and the eradication of shady factories in other countries. Its really easy to dismiss someone else's suffering when its not in front of your face although you've always known about the conditions. I guess this blogging in itself is realllllly green. This was a pretty good way to spread the message and a good reminder of what it is thats really important and not just brand names and appearance.

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