Monday, June 9, 2008

Is this the end?

wow guys. last blog post! Reflecting back on the past 3 weeks I can honestly say this project has been a success. At the very least, we've all saved tons of paper by blogging instead of wasting paper. Overall, I'm very impressed by the efforts put forth by all of us and can only wish the rest of the world could take something from our dedication to staying green. I had the mentality going in to the project that after it was over, life would just go back to normal. The more I tried doing this project legitimately, however, the more it's grown on me as a lifestyle. Don't get me wrong; I'm not a tree hugging hippy now but I've definitely become more efficient in how I consume. No longer do I just buy whatever I want at Walmart(I only shop at Walmart because I'm a poor college student, I still hate the company), instead I can walk away from almost any compulsive buy with a smile on my face. I'm doing my part in rejecting the business model of some company exploiting people in third world countries by having them work in conditions that lead them to "often suffer the effects of chemical inhalation."(Mathiason, 2006) For the time being I've also given up driving since my car is still broken and I have my bicycle. I've been getting to class on time, getting plenty of exercise and I've saved lots of gas. What a deal! The goal at the start of this project was to be able to take small steps in becoming green. I never knew I could get so far this quickly.

Have a great summer guys!


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