Monday, June 9, 2008


So I was looking at my closet and I realized that I don’t really purchase expensive brand name clothing anyway. I always thought I overspent money on superficial things on clothes. I mean I definitely do sometimes but I’m not a compulsive shopper or anything. I probably go shopping once every 3 months. I spend most of my money on food if anything. I’m not a person to do a complete 180 turnaround or anything and find that small steps are the best for me if I am to actually change myself. So I figured that it wouldn’t actually be too hard to just switch from shopping at stores like Abercrombie and H&M (albeit this store was a hard one to give up) to getting things I needed from a thrift store. I have a costume party coming up for a fraternity that I’m really fond of and I needed accessories so I stopped by the local thrift store in davis to get them hoping that I might at least find something because I’ve never really had good experiences with thrift stores. I tried to find a tie-dyed shirt and some 70’s themed gym shorts but only successfully found blue gym shorts that were in surprisingly good condition. That boosted my morale as I was getting a little unnerved not being able to find the shirt. I found a lot of other things in the thrift store that actually caught my eye and thought I actually might just want to purchase in the near future when I actually have money. I think that we put too much effort into getting brand new things from department stores and not really thinking that we could spend a lot less just looking at someone else’s junk and making it our treasure for wayyyyyy cheaper. I mean some things weren’t exactly brand spankin’ new or anything but there are a lot of things that people wouldn’t notice were second hand. I mean does it matter anyway? My closet tells me that I keep a lot of things that I should have thrown away already anyway. So I spent 3 bucks on the shorts and I had the tye-dyed shirt left to find. I didn’t want to make one because that would require me to buy a shirt and obviously that doesn’t work for this experiment. I called up a few friends and found nothing. Luckily my best friend’s boyfriend had a party recently for another fraternity that held a tye-dyed themed party so I had my pick from many shirts that they tye-dyed themselves. I guess you could say that my attempt to be green wasn’t amazing but it was my small step towards helping out third world country exploits to be put to an end. So I figure if I do this, maybe over the course of a year I’ll probably save a lot of money and be one more customer that discourages big corporations from taking advantage of those working in factories that have horrible working conditions like in China. By the way I recycled too this weekend. I NEVER recycle.

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